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WEDDING | Robyn + Dave  | Vancouver Golf Club

Congratulations to Robyn and Dave, married August 17, 2013 at the Vancouver Golf Club in Coquitlam.   The day started with getting ready photos at Robyn’s parents home, with Dave getting ready just one block away at his parents house.  I loved meeting Robyn’s sisters and bridesmaids, her proud parents and grandfather.  


        September 16, 2013


As usual first look in a beautiful park near Robyn’s and Dave’s homes was a very special part of the day for me, followed by a fun filled  portrait session with the bridal party and a beautiful cermeony at the Vancouver Golf Club.    Happy to finally share a collection of images from Robyn’s and Dave’s spacial day planned and beautifully coordinated by Erica of White Dahlia Weddings.   Also, a big shout out to Mark Andrew for assisting, second shooting and always being two steps ahead of the game!

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