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Audrey & Bryan – Vancouver Urban Winery



Congratulations to Audrey and Bryan married on September 29, 2012, at the Vancouver Urban Winery.  I felt a great connection with this amazing couple the moment we met in early spring 2012. I looked forward to their wedding all season and was thrilled when the day finally arrived.

The 14 hour day began at 9 am with detail and the bridal party getting ready photos.  This is one of my favourite parts of the day… the bridal suite always filled with so much joy and excitement.  I loved meeting Audrey’s mom and best friends and hanging out with Lifestudio videographers with hours of special wedding moments ahead of us.




Bryan’s wedding party enjoying their morning at the Westing suites…ready for the day’s events before the girls got started with their hair and make up session. Special thanks to Richard Giordano for capturing some very special moments for the the Groom, his parents and friends.


A few moments with Bryan and his parents getting ready for the tea ceremony.


Audrey starting to get ready for the tea ceremony.  She looked absolutely stunning in her gorgeous traditional red dress.   I loved capturing some special moments between Audrey and her mom, followed by a delivery of a letter from Bryan.



Audrey and Bryan reading letters they wrote to each other on their wedding day.   Yes I got a little teary eyed watching Audrey read her letter.


Bryan arrives in Audrey’s room and the tea ceremony just before the tea ceremony.


The traditional Tea Ceremony with grandparents, parents and close relatives.  I absolutely love photographing tea ceremonies, such a special tradition to share with parents and loved ones before the Wedding ceremony.


The proud and happy parents.  So special to witness them enjoy every moment of the tea ceremony.


Audrey’s mom and dad share special gifts with the bride and groom.


After the ceremony, it was time for Audrey to finally get into here beautiful wedding gown…another one of my favourite moments.


In the meantime, the boys are relaxing on the patio with the Groom.


Bryan waiting for his bride at the First Look location.



Followed by a few quite moments for the Bride and Groom and some family photos…next on the agenda, a limo ride to Gas town for a fun
filled portrait session with the bridal party.




… and the Gas Town Portrait session begins!  Great team work on the creatives with LifeStudio videographers. Lot’s of fun
with the bridal party and a few romantic shots.  So many great spots.  Wish we had more time to explore.






Final destination:  VANCOUVER URBAN WINERY, where the ceremony and reception took place.  What a fantastic venue.  High Ceilings
lots of character and so much great detail.



…and the ceremony begins
















2 Responses to “Audrey & Bryan – Vancouver Urban Winery”

  1. Jenn A says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures!! Thanks Earthling for capturing the day. Audrey: You look absolutely gorgeous on your special day. Bryan: You’re so lucky to have a girl like Aud 😉 Wish you two a lifetime of happiness.

    Earthling you guys rock!

  2. Vivienne Wong says:

    Beautiful and memorable wedding! Full of love, fun and warmth!
    Love the pictures— beautifully taken and well presented. Will always bring back great memories—for the bride and groom, their kids , their grand kids, etc. etc…..