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June & Andrew – Brock House

Congratulations to June and Andrew married on September 8, 2012, on a beautiful late summer day at the Brock House in Vancouver.  We started out with a fun photo shoot with the Groom, his best man and friends, followed by some First Look moments, a bridal party portrait session on the beach, ceremony and reception.  I loved getting to know June and Andrew, such a genuine and fun loving couple.  Wishing you both many happy years and great memories ahead!  Thank you for letting me capture your special day.





























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  1. June Wah says:

    The first thing we told Magie when we met her for our consultation was “We hate having our pictures taken.” Coming from not wanting any professional photos to truly enjoying the photo shoot on our wedding day with Magie was nothing less than a miracle! There are many photographers who can take beautiful pictures but Magie is not only a very good technical photographer, she is also very professional and she cares about what her clients want and how her clients feel. In one word, she’s a photographer with her heart in her work.

    On our wedding day, Magie took a stumble down some badly designed stairs early on during the photo shoot. I was shocked to watch her winded and pale from the fall as she landed on her side so that she can cradle her cameras and lenses. Even thought Magie could have had her assistant take over from then onwards, she continued on with our photo shoot after only a few minutes of rest. Her spirit reminded me of my own father, who passed away a few months ago.

    Dad was a well known and well respected photographer in Asia. I’ve been with him on multiple photo shoots and I recognises the intense fire burning in Magie which I’ve grown accustomed to with dad. During his last days I massaged and exercised his right bad shoulder daily which he got from breaking a fall trying to save his heavy camera equipment on a trip to icy Harbin, China.

    Andrew and I are very grateful to Magie for taking so many beautiful pictures of warm memories on our wedding day. We are grateful that she made it easy for us even though we hate having our pictures taken.

    I’m especially thankful for the lovely photo Magie took of my mom in her beautiful royal blue cheongsam. You truly captured my mom’s elegant beauty. The last time I saw such a beautiful picture of her was one taken by my own father.

    Thank you so much Magie!