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Christmas on Malahat Mountain / Swieta na Malahat 2017

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Early Santa Visit at the Aerie Resort / Wzczesna wizyta Mikolala w Aerie Hotelu

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Baking cookies and hanging out, December 23

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Christmas Eve at Sandy’s and Ernest’s house / Wigilia u Oli i Ernesta – December 24, 2017

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Christmas dinner at Lech’s and Grace’s home / Objad swiateczny u Cioci Grazyny i Wujka Leszka

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Dzieci bawia sie prezentami od Mikolaja

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Malahat Mountain – Family Vacation August 2017

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At  Lech and Grace’s home in the back yard 😉

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A day on the boat with Sandy, Ernest, Kasia and Cole 

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Sandy’s and Ernest’s camp ground for the Summer. 

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Visiting Ella and Waldek’s new home. 

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Sandy’s and Ernest’s new backyard set up …the Barbecue Shack

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Visiting Alex and her parents.  Quick photoshoot with Alex’s mom Rita.

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